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Kahnawake (Kanawake) is a residence near Quebec (Canada), where the gaming commission provides a zero percent tax on companies that are willing to obtain a license and operate in the field of virtual gambling.

Virtually all companies that apply for licensing in the virtual gaming field are approved. And high-class technical equipment makes Kahnawake's gaming license one of the most attractive for all entrepreneurs. For 11 years, this region has been issuing licenses for online casinos and other gaming projects. During this period, the residence of Kahnawake has earned an excellent reputation in the world of virtual gambling.

Fact! Kahnawake is currently the best gaming region in Canada.

The servers of a game company that wants to obtain a license in Kahnawake must be located in Mohawk Internet Technologies (data center).

A game project can provide its services to users all over the world.

The residence commission protects all legal rights of entrepreneurs and fulfills its duties as responsibly as possible.

Security also plays a very important role in the online gaming business in this region. With cutting-edge technology at its disposal, the Kahnawake department is able to perform regular software checks and monitor operators for fraud and money laundering.

  • Available legal forms: All corporations or other partner organizations in the gaming industry may be recognized as legal in other jurisdictions.
  • Tax rate and additional gaming rate: Does not exist in Kahnawake.
  • The minimum amount of the authorized capital for a company in the field of virtual gambling: The exact figure is not specified in the regulations. Each application for a license is considered individually.

Pricing policy

  • $15,000 is paid for the work of the representatives of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Before a license is issued, an investigation is conducted into the management of the firm, its activities and other aspects related to the management team. This amount is non-refundable.
  • $10,000 is paid directly for obtaining the license! If the game department refuses to grant the license, the money will be returned to the owner in full.
  • It costs $5,000 to obtain a license for a company executive.
  • $3,500 is the approximate amount of money needed to review and evaluate the company's management system.
  • From $20,000 to $25,000 is the amount , which will go to the processing of all payments for the preparation of the license agreement. The procedure itself lasts no more than 3 days. The company will be required to provide a marketing business plan.
  • $1,900 - this amount is taken for opening a bank account.
  • $1,500 is spent on opening a company trading account.

Licensing period:

Initially, the license is issued for six months. At the end of the term, it can be extended for 2 years. Every 4 years it is strictly necessary to renew the license.

Bandwidth and servers

It is worth mentioning once again that Mohawk Internet Technologies is the main source for hosting servers of any online gaming company in the region.

The provider works closely with a globally renowned Tier 1 operator (Montreal). That is why, depending on the choice of the customer, different types of Internet connections are provided: from OC-48 to 10GigE.

In addition, Mohawk Internet Technologies has access to organize private peer-to-peer networks (special networks that are formed in the provider itself using Ethernet).

SONET (self-healing federation) also enables businesses to connect Montreal's OC-192 link to the Kahnawake data center. The exclusivity of this connection lies in the fact that many independent paths are used for communication between the server and the hosting. Thus, the software and the site almost never stop working.

It should be said that Mohawk Internet Technologies uses the technologies of a large company Cisco to prevent DDoS attacks on servers. Since other hacker attacks a priori will not be able to overload the servers, the computing bandwidth is too high.


Operators should update software regularly. Also, the software is regularly checked by special authorities. Particular attention should be paid to the risks of RNG reorganization. They must be taken into account and leveled for maximum security and honesty in relation to users.

Reporting. Primary requirements

Regular control is carried out by the gaming department during the first six months. After this period, this issue is considered individually for each online gaming platform, depending on the requirements provided earlier.

Gaming commission policy regarding money laundering using online casinos:

Every transaction above $10,000 must be reported at all times. Reports must be received by the regulatory department. In addition, a representative of the online gaming commission may request a report, referring to suspicious transfer activity. Such "visits" are often made without warning (variable situations).

Territorial restrictions on the distribution of gambling content (advertising, attracting players): There are no restrictions.

Government Department or Regulator Contact Details:

  • Address: Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Office PO Box 1799, Kahnawake, Canada, J01B0
  • Phone number: (450) 635-1076
  • Website: www.gamingcommission. ca
  • Email: [email protected]


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