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Gaminator Club

Gaminator Club is an online casino that has a very controversial reputation. Firstly, the players speak unflatteringly about the site itself: it is inconvenient and outdated. Secondly, practice shows that it is extremely difficult to win anything in the Gaminator Club. And this point is much more important than the first.

After analyzing this network institution, you can find the reasons why the casino is much more likely to be in the black than the players. Licensed slot machines are a sign of a conscientious casino. Gaminator Club, unfortunately, does not belong to this category. To prove this fact, it is enough to perform a few simple steps.

Let's take Pyramid: Quest for Immortality as an example. This is a product of the well-known company Netent. The official slot machines of this manufacturer are loaded into the casino from servers with the prefix "". This information can be viewed by checking the source code of the element on the website of the network institution. After reviewing the source code of the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot at the Gaminator Club casino, we see a link to the following server - There is no accessory required. Conclusion: the slot is "fake" and is located on an unknown resource. It is likely that this server is the property of the Gaminator Club itself.

Many do not know how licensed machines differ from unlicensed ones. Everything is very simple: official slots work according to the algorithms set by the developer. The manufacturer is impartial, therefore, it releases slots that allow both the establishment and the gambler to earn money. Unlicensed machines can be fully customized by the casino owner.

Low return rate

This point is a logical continuation of the previous one. According to player reviews, Gaminator Club slots rarely allow you to win a more or less decent amount. In the vast majority of cases, the casino remains in the black. Why is that?

The machines have a return percentage parameter. It determines what part of the money deposited by the players, the casino keeps for itself. In honest institutions, this parameter is 80-90%. Unscrupulous casinos can lower it up to 10%. Of course, in this case, only a truly lucky player will be able to win anything.

If a casino uses unlicensed software, this is already a reason to doubt its fair treatment of players. And if the low return rate is also confirmed in practice, there is no doubt that you are being deceived.

Questionable rules

The easiest way to "legitimize" the cheating of players is to prescribe the appropriate points in the rules. In this case, you can always present strong arguments to dissatisfied customers. And how many people scrupulously study the rules before depositing some money and just passing the evening playing slot machines?

The most noteworthy point of the Gaminator Club rules is as follows: "In the event of a dispute, the decision is always made in favor of the administration." Casino owners do not even pretend that they will decide anything and try to establish justice. But there can be a lot of such “controversial situations”. And no one can guarantee that these situations will not be invented by the administration itself. What are we talking about? Read on.

Another paragraph of the rules states that in the event of failures in the system, the administration does not bear any responsibility. We are talking about failures during the game, and failures at the time of transactions with money. As practice shows, the casino, arguing its decision with failures, can cancel the player's winnings. A failure can also lead to problems with the user's account. In this case, the player will not be able to prove anything, because "in case of disputes, the decision is made in favor of the administration."

Lack of opportunity to get justice

Note that this item is relevant for all unscrupulous online casinos.

The Gaminator Club rules state that any decision of the casino administration can be appealed to the appropriate authorities. Everything would be fine, but there are no such instances. Gambling is prohibited in our country, so gambling establishments receive a license in foreign countries.

In the case of Gaminator Club, this is Costa Rica. You can demand anything from the casino only by applying to the court at the place where the license was obtained. Our compatriots do not have the opportunity to defend their interests, because, in fact, there are no online casinos in the country.

By the way, you need to dwell separately on the license itself. Interestingly, even when applying to Costa Rica, not everything would have gone smoothly. This license is one of the cheapest and most loyal to the casino. Moreover, it does not allow gambling activities, as it gives the right to work for companies involved in "data processing". Thus, casinos that have this license simply use the shortcomings of local legislation to conduct their activities.


These are just specific moments of cooperation with the Gaminator Club, which can be found by simply studying the site itself and the reviews of real users. There are also points that are common to many online casinos. We are talking, for example, about non-payment of winnings. The player can either wait for his money for a very long time, or may not wait for them at all. At the same time, of course, no one from the administration of the casino will solve this problem.

In addition, there is a classic bonus system, which is designed exclusively to attract new players. The fact is that in order to receive prize money, the user needs to play for a long time. Given the algorithms of the Gaminator Club slot machines, this will end in the vast majority of cases with a loss of all funds.

As a result, we can say that spending time in the Gaminator Club is a game solely at your own peril and risk. If you want not just to give your money to the casino, but to play by fair rules, look elsewhere.

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